Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mathematica notebook link

Professor Ando's Mathematica notebooks.

Assignment for Monday, October 1

As we've been discussing in class, please adapt your additive synthesis patch to model a musical instrument; you might find it necessary to add more sine wave oscillators to make it sound good. Use the formulas in Benson's text to calculate as many elements of the sound as you can; you can also analyze existing instrumental sounds to examine the amplitude and pitch envelopes of different harmonics in the sound's spectrum.

The University of Iowa has made a good library of instrument samples, which can be found here. You can load these into Max/MSP using the sfplay~ or groove~ objects; I've made a slightly revised version of the additive synth patch including with some playback capabilities, which you download here.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Assignment for Wednesday, September 19

I've posted a mathematica notebook at Download a copy of this notebook, and work through it. Save it, and post it to the blog.
Try to do this for the 19th: we'll work on it in class today, Monday the 17th.

Assignment for Sept. 17

Sorry for the sound trouble on MSP - here is what you need to do: go to the Options menu, and select "DSP status..." under driver, the second option, select "CoreAudio Built-in Audio" or whatever your sound card happens to be - then the sound should work.

For Monday, if you haven't already made your sounds, please do so right away; go through tutorials 7 - 10; and take the additive synth patch I made, and modify it in some cool way: perhaps add level meters, so you can tell if you're clipping; try adding more partials to make better sounds; add a waveform object; explore some of the many options in the spectroscope object; add a noteslider to control your fundamental frequency - there's tons of stuff you could add!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Max/MSP assignment for Sept. 12

Updated - the patch should now work correctly on your own computers. For this Wednesday, Sept. 12, please download this patch (an adaptation of Tutorial 7, Additive Synthesis) and use it to record your own sounds. If you don't have a trial copy of Max/MSP on your own computer, you can use the CAMIL lab - also, this patch doesn't need to be edited, so you can even use MaxMSP Runtime. More instructions are in the patch itself. Have fun!

Please also work through the MSP tutorials 7 (additive synthesis) through 10 (vibrato and frequency modulation).